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Workers’ Compensation

Eligibility requirements:

When considering workers compensation for orthopedic surgery, several important questions should be considered before beginning treatment:

Did you develop an injury as a direct result of your job?

Are you able to prove that the injury developed while on the job and not prior to that particular moment?

If the injury did exist prior to the job, did straining to fulfill the duties as an employee result in further aggravation or worsening of the injury?

Was it a sudden, painful incident?

Was the injury reported to your employer within 30 days?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you may be a candidate for workers’ compensation for orthopedic surgery.

Specifics related to orthopedic surgery:

Unlike other forms of workers’ compensation, injury does not necessarily have to be caused by an accident. It could have occurred over a prolonged period of time due to a routine, repetitive movement of a physically demanding job position. An employee is fully eligible for workers’ compensation if radical surgery is necessary as a direct result of an injury. Workers’ compensation includes the costs of surgery and the recovery period after the surgery.

If the employee does not require or refuses to have surgery, the employer is only required to pay the employee for a period of 7.5 weeks. If a certified health official determines that surgery is not necessary, the employee must be able to prove that the injury occurred in connection to the job requirements of employment. If the injury did not occur while on the job, but still as a direct and proven result of the job, the employee may still be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Proving the case:

To eliminate any doubt that the employee developed an injury while meeting job requirements, or occurred in direct relation to his or her job, proof must be provided before being able to receive workers’ compensation. A commission may be formed to determine if there is enough proof and cause for the employee to receive workers’ compensation for orthopedic surgery. If a hearing has been requested by the employee to determine if he or she is eligible for workers’ compensation, there will be no required compensation for time delayed during that particular period.

The surgery itself:

Once the requirements of workers’ compensation for orthopedic surgery have been met, the Avalon Orthopedic team will take care of the rest.

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